5 - Years Of Experience


At Cosmic Jaunt, we design and build affordable laptop computers aimed at empowering students to learn, contribute to and become responsible and globally engaged citizens.


  1. Education Quality: For a lot of schools in Africa, education is not given with the advent of letting one know the real-life usage of something such that they can easily grasp, modify and make others understand. This causes students to fail to translate what they have learned into a range of personal, social, and developmental benefits.
  2. Inclusiveness: Every person should get an equal right and amenity to study a topic of her/his interest with no bias in the name of socio-economic class, physical or intellectual disability by ensuring appropriate alternate modes of accessing educational material are in place which can assist them to learn.

Our Mission
Educational institutions and governments in Africa have initiated different initiatives to counter the growing number of students by focusing their investments on building schools that can accommodate every student. While this is a good move in the right direction, the quality of education is often forgotten and not prioritized.

Cosmic Jaunt tries to solve the challenge of offering high-quality education by designing and building affordable laptops aimed at empowering students to learn, contribute to and become responsible and globally engaged citizens. Our flagship product is a $120 laptop computer that we have recently finished developing. Our computers are equipped with offline learning content such as textbooks and videos.

About Our Laptops
Our laptops are equipped with high-quality instructional videos, notes, and personalized learning resources that will empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. All of these learning resources are built on the laptop (offline); hence the students will not incur additional costs for internet service. The computer also comes with a pre-installed school curriculum in its entirety, open-source eBooks for all classes, an offline copy of Wikipedia and Khan Academy. This computer is designed to be a framework that helps students to organize their learning. In addition to the academic curriculum, there are self-learn courses in coding/robotics, leadership, and Global Citizenship Education.

Other Features

Supports 4G internet with ultra-strong signals. Also has GPS & 2 sim card slots plus an optional USB port

Ports & Connectivity

Supports Bluetooth , has a USB Type-C, earphone port, and supports a memory card (TF card). Alsp has great speakers (K-Box type) and a magnetic detachable keyboard

Storage & Battery

Has an internal storage of 64 GB (expandable) , supports WIFI: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and has a battery capacity of 5000mAh/3.7V Lithium

OS, Display & Camera

Has a display of 10″ inches and a screen size of 1280*800 IPS together with a front camera of 2.0MP and the rear camera of 5.0MP. Also Runs Android 10.0 (latest)


Why Choose Us

  • We try to understand our customers

    At Cosmic Jaunt, we respect the client needs, culture, identity and objectives.

  • We are Sustainability-Centric

    We have a strong feeling for sustainability being adopted on a broader scale and we try our best to make sure our solutions are viable in the long run.

  • Dedicated teams

    We are true partners focused on innovation to ultimately give you what you need.


Our History

We are a highly scalable tech company aiming for rapid growth.

2021 - Startup

Expanding into new markets

2020 - Startup

Launched the first commercial laptop prototype

2018 - Startup


2016 - Startup

Inception of the company